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Towing Packages

Contrary to the idea that a tow package is nothing more than a trailer hitch, there are many valuable components that make a strong, good and reliable tow package. The hitch is the core of the package in the form of receiver, gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch all of which will be bolted directly to frame members. 

A tow package also includes wiring that allows the trailer to be connected to the lighting system of the automobile or truck. This wiring will consist of a connector located close to the hitch and will feed electricity to the brake lights, turn signals, and license plate light. In some cases, this connector may also include circuits that power a trailer’s braking system, taking much stress off the vehicle doing the towing.  This is known as a brake controller and is generally used in heavy towing applications. Many heavy-duty tow package applications will include upgrades to the suspension and brakes of the tow vehicle. Suspension upgrades can include heavier springs and more robust shocks that help the tow vehicle control heavy loads. 

Durango Truck Accessories will customize the package for your needs, whether they are for light or heavy weight towing.  We work with some of the best brands in the industry and carry a wide variety of products. 


A gooseneck hitch is a metal plate that mounts on or under the bed of your truck box, and uses a ball and coupler for its vehicle-to-trailer connection.

Gooseneck hitches come in a variety of styles.  B&W, Curt, Draw-Tite, Reese and Blue Ox are some of the tried and true brands we have to offer

Truck Bed Camper Tie Downs 

Tie Downs provide anchor points for attaching your camper. Campers require 4 tie-down points, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear of your truck bed.

Some tie-downs connect directly to a truck’s bed; others connect to its frame. Torklift and HappiJac provide excellent systems to keep your camper secure.

Weight Distribution 

A weight distribution hitch (aka “load equalizing hitch”) does just what the name says — it is a hitch that evenly distributes the weight of your payload.

It works by using adjustable spring bars and tension to distribute the load of the trailer tongue to the trailer and vehicle axles.


Flat Towing

Flat towing involves attaching a tow bar to a suitable car, SUV or pickup and letting the vehicle roll along behind the motorhome on its own four tires.  When you are flat towing a vehicle, the most important component is the tow bar. 

Blue Ox and Roadmaster make great tow bars and accessories that will make this next adventure your best one yet!


Receiver Hitches

A receiver hitch is a type of trailer hitch that bolts onto the underside of a vehicle, at the rear or front, and provides a tube for attaching a ball mount or other hitch accessory like bike racks or cargo baskets.

Receiver hitches generally have a vehicle-specific design, a standard receiver tube size and fall within one of five hitch classes that carry specific weight ratings.  B&W, Curt, Draw-Tite, and Husky are some of the tried and true brands we have to offer.

5th Wheel

The fifth-wheel hitch is a U shaped hitch coupling that fits in the back of the tow vehicle—usually, a pickup truck—and connects with the trailer. It’s a similar design to the type of hitch that a semi-truck uses. This means it’s a very safe and sturdy hitch. It is one that can be used for large and heavy loads.  B&W, Curt, Draw-Tite, Reese, Anderson and Blue Ox are some of the tried and true brands we have to offer.

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