Snow Equipment

Largest Selection Of Auto & Truck Accessories In The Four Corners
Harsh winters are a given in Durango, Colorado and even the toughest trucks need equipment that will help them move through the snow and ice.

Durango Truck Accessories has snowplows for your truck. Made to fit almost any make and model truck, there are power v shaped, straight-blade, trip-edge, municipal, sport-duty, and box plows. There are also tailgate spreaders that spray salt on roads, sidewalks, and driveways, meant to keep people from slipping in the snow.

We also carry snow plow accessories including walk-behind spreaders, dolly wheels, urethane cutting edges, plow rings, snow deflectors, smartlock cylinders, curb guards, and plow shoes.

Our most trusted brand, BOSS Snowplow, began in 1985. Their goal is to build products that make your job and life easier. Headquartered in Iron Mountain, Michigan, they know what it takes for products to work in the worst conditions. They are here to back you up.

We also have snow tires available. There are performance, studless, and studded varieties. The tread is deeper to grip the road better and the material is extra durable to avoid puncture from ice. Most trucks have four-wheel drive and having new snow tires will add to your safety on the road, especially through the cold, snowy Colorado winters.

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