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Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are growing in popularity for truck owners. They are available for many types of trucks including Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, International, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota, as well as Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs.

The kits include upper control arms, upper ball joints, differential drop brackets, torsion bar keys, and hardware for the front, lifted shackles, sway-bar relocation brackets, and hardware for the back, and shocks.

These kits lift the car several inches higher than the standard height, and add to the look and capabilities of your truck.

Suspension Kits

Suspension kits can be used to improve the suspension in your truck or repair a suspension that is wearing out. They don’t necessarily add height to the truck, but they create a smoother ride and protection for your truck’s tires and body against rough roads.


Durango Truck Accessories has truck springs of various types including air helper springs, steel helper springs, as well as rubber and foam helper springs. These also help support your suspension, making the tires more flexible over bumps and varying terrain, helping to make your ride smoother, and adding speed to your wheels. If you haul heavy equipment in your truck, the right springs will also make that easier on your truck.

4X4 Accessories, Parts, and Supplies: We also have accessories, parts, and supplies for 4×4 vehicles. These are off-road vehicles driven in mountain, forest, and desert terrain. These products include air loaders, bull bars, compressors, lights, roof racks, sliders and steps, tire accessories, snorkels, tow straps, touring gear, and storage solutions.

We carry many trusted brands in suspension products including Ready Lift, Ranch-O, Pro Comp, and Super Springs.


Durango Truck Accessories has performance accessories as well, including several types of tires. There are sport summer tires and highway rib summer tires, which provide traction in the rain and heat. We have all season tires, touring all season tires, and varieties of off-road terrain tires. Each tire comes in several sizes to fit any type of truck, adding to the height or keeping it the same. We will install one, two, three, or all four tires in a short period of time.


Our shop has a great selection of wheels for trucks. Wheels can be made from aluminum or steel and have simple or elaborate patterns. These add protection and support for your tires and can be customized to be unique for your vehicle. Specialty wheels can have bright colors such as red, orange, green, and blue. Our durable wheel products will last for many years and can withstand bumps, wind, and potholes without damage.

Popular brands

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